We Are On a Mission to

Preserve Locally Owned Preschools

You started your preschool to serve your mission to provide our youngest, most vulnerable learners with the highest quality of care and education possible. But now the business side has you feeling stressed out and stretched too thin.


That's about to change.


We're here to teach you how to leverage self-sustaining business systems to make operating, marketing, and growing your preschool easy and rewarding.

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Our Purpose


We are on a mission to preserve locally owned preschools.

Your preschool is the best defense our children have against the shortcomings of institutionalized education.


Between your commitment to providing the highest quality of care and curriculum, and your ability to provide individual attention, you are in the best position to inspire our youngest learners to love education.


With simple, self-sustaining business systems in place, you'll be able to operate, market, and grow your preschool and your impact quickly and easily. 

What We Do


We get struggling preschool owners organized and prosperous.

Stop wasting time, money, and energy solving the same problems over and over!


We'll give you self-sustaining business systems to make operating, marketing, and growing your preschool easy and rewarding.


With over five years of experience working exclusively with independent preschool owners, we've figured out how to work hard once and prosper long-term.

Take Action!


Preschool Owners Should Have a Seat At the Table

Universal early education could be a great opportunity for our children. But we know that local early education professionals like you are the best hope for young students. 


Please help us bring awareness to the needs of locally owned preschools. Together, we can make sure locally owned preschools like yours are preserved through this transition. 

You Will Love Working With Us!

EnrollBoom built our organization's website, and did a fabulous job. Not only did they give us a better site than we could have imagined, they were easy to work with and organized our information beautifully. And to top it off, their prices were very reasonable. We couldn't have been more pleased.

Karen H.

Great training!!! Such useful and digestible info! So glad I could make it!!

Rebecca A.


Prosperous Preschool Program

With over five years of research and experience, we've developed a program to walk you through our entire trademark preschool business systems process. 

  • Implement self-sustaining business systems
  • Develop your magnetic preschool identity
  • Problem proof your reputation
  • Solve any problem and excel

If you're ready to go from preschool owner to prosperous preschool owner, keep reading!

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