What Does It Take to Grow a Prosperous Preschool?

*Hint: it's not Facebook ads.



Learn, implement, and scale best practices in business, marketing, and management for education businesses.

You started your preschool to serve your mission and become financially free.


Now it's time to make a choice...

Are you going to keep struggling to fill your classrooms, hire reliable teachers, and pay your bills? 


Or are you ready to learn, implement, and scale the most effective business, marketing, and management strategies designed specifically for your preschool?

It took us over five years of research and experience working exclusively with independent educators to develop and refine our formula for a prosperous preschool. Don't waste five years (and countless dollars) to develop the skills you need to serve your mission and live the life you were meant for.



Getting started will never be easier than it is today!


By the end of the Preschool Survival Workshop trainings, you will know exactly what you need to do to break out of the frustration that's killing your love of education.


Come with a problem, leave with a plan.

Learn how to implement a successful business model, choose tech with intention, optimize marketing strategies for maximum student and teacher retention, track and interpret key metrics,  and manage employee performance while elevating your reputation and your bottom line.

From Stressed Out and Stretched Too Thin to Organized and Prosperous.

Just like these preschool owners...

This is all Really, Really Good! And just what I needed too, with all of the changes now in how to do things, the fb page is more important than ever, and mine needs attention and love.

Linda, Alpha-Bet Cooperative Preschool

THANK YOU! You have taken so many of my scattered thoughts and combined them into something that makes sense! My team is happier and my classes are full. It's only been two months! Just thank you!​

Cynthia, Brilliant Babes Childcare

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Our Success Is the Product of Our Values

We are sowing the seeds of generational prosperity by helping mission-driven independent preschool owners beat the odds of entrepreneurship. With us, you learn, implement, and scale best practices in business, marketing, and management for education, so you can focus on providing the high-quality education and loving environment young learners need to overcome the pressures of institutional education, helping them claim their prosperous futures.

We believe that prosperity is the key to the just, equitable future all children deserve.


It's at the core of everything we do.



We define prosperity as the power to live your greatest potential and make your vision your reality. And that requires four key attributes:



Without influence, you cannot affect your community.


Without affluence, you cannot affect your condition.


Without impact, you cannot affect your future.


Without purpose, you cannot direct your vision.

We help preschool owners build profitable preschool business systems on these four pillars of prosperity, so you can beat the odds stacked against you and serve your mission with joy.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

–Kofi Annan

Meet Our Director

Whitney Raver

Business Coach - Master Marketer - Activist

As the creator of the Prosperous Preschool program, and director at EnrollBoom, Whitney has refined over a decade of experience teaching and implementing profitable marketing and business development strategies for small businesses at varying stages of growth. She specializes in helping clients bridge the skill gap between their passion for educating and the ability to run a successful business.


Whitney helps dedicated education business owners learn, implement, and scale specialized strategies in business, marketing, and management for education, helping them develop the influence, affluence, and impact they need to grow a prosperous preschool and secure every child’s prosperous future.

Don't wait to start growing your preschool!

There's never been a better time – or an easier way – to learn, implement, and scale the most effective business, marketing, and management strategies designed specifically for your preschool.


If you're tired of wasting time and money on business strategies that just don't work, check out the Prosperous Preschool program now!

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