Are You Ready to Close Your Enrollment Gap?

Of course you're ready! You've been ready. And now that you're here you have everything you need to get it done. We've done all the research, creating, organizing, and strategizing for you. For less than $20 per day, our DIY School Marketing Membership is truly the easiest way to grow your school on your terms. 


So, what do you say? Are you in?

This Is the Easiest Way to Grow Your School - Period!

We have made growing your school easier and more budget friendly than ever.


 You've Done the Things 


You've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on marketing. You've started up social media accounts, followed all the conventional advice, even tried running a few ads online. Yet, enrollment has continued to plummet. You've realized that attracting and retaining students is nothing like marketing a service or commodity. You need to reach out to caregivers where they are, with the content that matters most and the consistency that builds trust. But you can't because...

 You're Stretched Too Thin 


Where do your ideal students and their caregivers spend the most time online? What kinds of content do they like to engage with? How often do they need that content delivered? All of these answers require research, and research takes time and money. And when you do finally figure it out, how will you consistently create, organize, and deliver the content your audience loves? Your budget isn't the only thing stretched too thin - your workload is just as threadbare. 

 Here's the Truth 


You do not need to waste time, money, or precious energy to grow your school.

You could spend thousands of dollars to hire an agency to do all of this research and marketing for you. But you don't need to. You just need a program created for you, built on research that has already been done by experts in marketing for education.



EnrollBoom DIY

School Marketing

You could spend thousands of dollars every month on marketing, just to try to grow your school. Or, for less than $20 per day, you can have all the content, resources, and training you need to grow your school on your terms. Stay in control of your marketing and your budget with this innovative DIY School Marketing program!

Grow Your School On Your Own

Grow your school for less than $10 per day!

  • 365 days of fun, engaging content to get caregivers talking to you every day

  • Visually striking customizable templates to help you win the attention game

  • Keyword and hashtag suggestions to maximize free exposure

  • 100% research based program designed specifically to grow your school


    billed per year

    Just customize and post. No guessing. No hassle. Just easy.

    Years of experience working exclusively with educators helped us developed the


    We have honed our marketing strategy down to a science. We've brought messaging, digital advertising, local SEO, and organic delivery techniques together at last to create an effective, holistic strategy for predictable, scalable enrollment growth.

    ATTRACT the right students.

    The first step in getting someone's attention is getting in front of them. Our customizeable templates allow you to deliver engaging content in branded, visually striking posts.


    And our research-based delivery strategy gets your posts in front of your ideal students' caregivers in their own timeline.

    NAME your new


    Getting more traffic to your social media pages is great. But, only a small number of first-time visitors will be ready to commit to scheduling a tour of your school. What happens with everyone else?


    Our program encourages new visitors to subscribe to your newsfeed so you can easily continue the conversation over time.

    NURTURE your community.

    Cute snap shots from your classrooms are important, but do you know what really earns a caregiver's trus? How you make them feel.


    Our program helps you take your relationship to the next level by consistently delivering content that makes your audience feel seen, understood, appreciated and joyful.



    Ultimately, the most important measure of success in any marketing campaign is how many new students you enroll.


    Our program aligns seamlessly with your enrollment process, so your marketing efforts translate directly and measurably to new students.

    Consistent, repeatable, scalable enrollment growth!

    Are you ready to put our years of experience, research, and dedication to work growing your school? 

    Or, would you rather keep settling for the alternatives?

    Here's why a Marketing Agency may not be the best solution for you right now...

    • Marketing agencies are expensive.

      Most marketing agencies aren't interested in you're budget. They operate on a "value based" pricing model, which means they're more interested in what they think you can afford. Any number of factors, like the size of your enrollment gap, your time constraints, or their lack of experience with enrollment marketing can all drive up agency pricing.

    • It's hit-or-miss with most agencies.

      Most marketing agencies will sell services to anyone, which means they probably don't have much experience with education. It will take a while to gather the information they need to run successful campaigns for you, and that's time and research you will be paying for.

    • You don't get to learn what works for you.

      When you turn your marketing over to an agency too early, you don't get a chance to learn about your ideal students' caregivers, their online preferences, or what it takes to reach them. That's a blind spot that could cost you thousands of dollars, countless hours, and countless students in the future. 

    We're offering all the benefits of working with industry leaders in Enrollment Marketing, without the headaches. Our program...

    • Fits any budget.

      When you know enrollment like we do, you know how to do much more with much, much less. We created this program to ensure every school has access to high quality, professional marketing at any budget. 

    • Consistent, scalable results. 

      We have specialized in enrllment marketing for schools and educators for years. Over the years, we've learned a thing or two. Our half-a-decade of research helped us develop the ANNE Methodology, our one-of-a-kind approach to creating repeatable, scalable enrollment growth. 

    • You are in control!

      It's your school, your community. No one should know them better than you. Our program cuts out the guesswork and gives you everything you need to learn about your school community - their interets and needs - all while growing your school at record pace!

    You need to grow your school. What you don't need is more work. We get it!

    If you...

    • Have An Expensive Marketing Plan That You Cannot Afford Anymore

    •         Have a Marketing Plan But It Doesn’t Work                

    • Don't Have a Marketing Plan and Don't Know Where to Start

    • Don't Have Don't Have the Time, Energy, or Resources to Start from Zero

    we created this program for you!

    Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

    Rated A+ By the Better Business Bureau

    This could be the year you close your enrollment gap for good!



    We know it sounds too good to be true, so we're backing our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is the easiest way to grow your school - period. If you don't agree in the first 30 days, just tell us so at support@enrollboom.com and we'll refund your entire purchase.

    No fine print. No funny business. No risk.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The deeper details about the EnrollBoom DIY Marketing Master program and how it works.

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    Is this really the easiest way to grow my school? 

    Plus, Plus, Plus...

    A ton of extra, easy-to-use resources to make sure you succeed quickly!


    Live Q&A

    Stick with us and you'll get better at growing your school every single month! Our live Q&A sessions are held at the end of every month. We'll walk you through updates for the upcoming month, next month's strategy, and answer any questions you have about growing your school with the ANNE™ Methodology. These sessions are for members only.


    Fillable Content Calendars

    Keep all of your content and social media marketing planning in one place with monthly fillable content calendars. We'll give you an editable preview of each post in the DIY Enrollment Marketing Plan, plus strategy prompts and room to add your own flair.


    ANNE™ KPI Workbook

    What's the hardest part of marketing your school? Figuring out what works. You shouldn't have to wait months or even weeks to see if your efforts are going to pay off. By watching the right numbers, you'll get a full view of your entire pipeline, from awareness to enrollment, so you can optimize each step and improve outcomes day after day - before you've wasted time, money, and energy. 



    Your community still wants those cute classroom updates. Use the customizeable bonus templates to keep your branding seamless, your professionalism spotless, and your audience impressed. Plus, we add new templates all the time, so you'll never get bored!



    Your success is our highest priority. As a subscriber, you'll receive unlimited support through chat or email. Just message us during business hours, or send over an email anytime and our team of enrollment marketing specialists will R&R (research and respond) within two business days. We are part of your marketing team!

    Everything you need to succeed for a full year!

    We'll help you breathe easier by closing your enrollment gap quickly.


    EnrollBoom DIY

    School Marketing

    Grow Your School On Your Own

    Grow your school for less than $20 per day!

    • 365 days of fun, engaging content 

    • Striking customizable templates 

    • Maximize free exposure

    • Program  and support designed specifically to grow your school


    billed per year

    Just customize and post.

    No guessing. No hassle. Just easy.

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